Saturday, December 3, 2016

2016 American Studies Senior Symposium & Party | Tuesday, December 13th • 11-4pm Presentations • 4pm Annual Party

Join the American Studies Program for the 
2016 American Studies Senior Thesis Symposium and Annual Party!

Tuesday, December 13th: 11am-4pm, Thesis Presentations | 4-6pm Annual Holiday Party
Walsh Library, 4th Floor, O'Hare Special Collections Room, Fordham Rose Hill Campus

This year's senior thesis projects take up widely varied topics, among them,  the role of racist tropes in the demise of Ohio's shopping malls; the history of the rainbow flag in LGBTQ rights movement; faith and identity development; feminism and Disney's Frozen; social criticism in The Wire; the power of prison education; mobilizing NYC's Asian American communities; labor unions, the New Left in the Vietnam War era; and the impact of rent stabilization on NYC apartment maintenance.

11-12:15  Identities in Context

Brendan Caulfield: “O’er the Land of the Free and the Home of the Gay”:
The Rainbow Flag and the Construction of LGBTQ Nation

Katherine Mobilia: Frozen and Feminism: Why Bloggers Can't 'Let it Go'

Marlena Gutierrez: My Mothers’ Daughter: Voicing Identity through Lived Catholicism

1:00-2:15  Alternative Narratives

Rebecca Sinski: Imagination and Narrative as Reform: Social Criticism in The Wire

Tyler Tagliaferro: The Mall Killers: Racism & Rumor in the Demise of Three Ohio Shopping Malls

Madelyn Murphy: Our Stories Plant Seeds: The Transformative Power of Prison Education

2:30-3:45 Policies & Politics

Shelley Wu: Asian Americans for Equality: Mobilizing Asian American Communities in New York City

Melanie Sheehan: Exploding Mines: The Rank-and-File, the New Left, and Vietnam-Era Militancy in the UMWA

Ben St. Clair: Broken yet Stabilized
Repairing NYC’s apartments goes deeper than removing rent regulations

4-6: Annual Party and Celebration of our Seniors, the American Studies Class of 2017!

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