Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fordham American Studies in Fall 2009

This will be another exciting year for Fordham's American Studies program. Yes, we're launching this blog (more on that in another posting), but right now just let me talk about what's happening in the curriculum.

1) We're continuing the process of making American Studies a two-campus program by offering the major at both the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses. This fall, for the first time, the introductory course "Major Developments in American Culture" will be offered on the Lincoln Center campus, taught by Professor James Fisher, of the Theology department and the Curran Center for American Catholic Studies The course will of course continue to be taught at Rose Hill. In spring 2010 it will again be taught by Professor Roberta Gold of the History Department.

2) The junior seminar, "Approaches to American Studies," will for the second year focus on the theme of "technology," and be taught by me.

3) The senior seminar--creatively titled "The Senior Seminar"--is the capstone experience for American Studies majors. That's where they write their theses, and at the end of the semester they do a presentation of their research that for me is the best day of the year. This fall its theme is "Race and Youth Culture," and it's being co-taught by Professor James Kim of the English Department and Professor Oneka LaBennett of the Department of African and African American Studies, who is also Research Director of the Bronx African American History Project. I got an advance look at their syllabus, and the course looks very exciting--I wish I could take it myself!

Well, that's just some basic news to get this blog going. My future postings will alternate between the informative and the opinionated, I'm sure. And soon there will be more voices here, both student and faculty.

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