Thursday, November 10, 2011

New York City Students in Support of Occupy Wall Street

There is a sizeable group of New York City students who are organizing in support of Occupy Wall Street.  I recently received this information from a colleague at another institution in the city:
The NYC all-student assembly meets on Saturdays in Washington Square Park at noon and is composed of students (high school, college, and postgraduate) from NYC and universities in NJ, PA, CT, VT, etc. This group has called for a student strike on 11/17 in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street (on its 2-month anniversary). There will be rallies, marches, and other actions across the city organized by trade unions, students, and activists. More info:
I wanted to share this information to keep our Fordham students in the loop on the activities of their peers across the city.


Anonymous said...

I'll take capitalism over socialism and communism any day of the week. After studying history and knowing people who have lived under communism in Poland, Hungary, and Cambodia,I believe capitalism with all its faults is the best. The Pilgrims, those who settled the West, and my own immigrant grandparents who lived through the Depression were strong, independent, and self-sufficient people. These are the Americans I admire.
Signed, Wall Street Alumna and Donor

Professor Glenn Hendler said...

With all due respect, I don't see the connection between this comment and the posting on which it ostensibly comments. The posting said nothing about supporting Soviet-style communism or even opposing capitalism; it was information about activities students might be interested in studying or participating in.

Our policy is to remove irrelevant comments, but since this clearly wasn't intended as spam, before doing that I'd rather give this commenter a chance to make an argument for the connection between her ideas and the topic in the blog posting.