Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17th Day of action

OWS is calling for a national day of direct action and celebration to mark two months since the start of the Occupy movement. It began this morning with a march at Wall St. at 7am, and is continuing with "Occupy the Subways" actions at 3pm--including the Fordham Road station in the Bronx and several in Manhattan. For those interested in knowing what's planned, here's a link

On a more straightforwardly analytic and scholarly note: the movement, however leaderless and de-centered, has produced some striking images. Below, for instance, is the poster for today's actions.  Some of the signs and images in Zuccotti Park and elsewhere have also been notable. I'm wondering if anyone has started working on a visual analysis of the movement, or has come across any good such work online or elsewhere. 


Professor Glenn Hendler said...

Any students (or other readers) who are out there on the streets today--whether as protesters, reporters, ethnographers, observers, or trying to get to your job or internship on Wall Street--who can report on what's going on, please do! You can reply here in the comments area, or if you need more space or need to include images or links, I can temporarily authorize you as an author on this blog. As always, all perspectives are welcome so long as they're civil and thoughtful.

emily said...

An article I stumbled upon with examples of striking graphics from the Occupy movement.